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Technology License Agreement (“TLA”) for Sludge Dryer signed with 2 major environmentally advanced Chinese companies


◆ Compatible with high viscosity sewage sludge and many kinds of industrial wastewater sludge of China
◆ Contributes to advancement of sludge treatment and environmental protection of China by experience and technology based on past experiences through TLA

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd., (“MHIEC”, President: George Kanno, HQ: Nishi-ku, Yokohama) of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group has signed a sludge dryer technology licensing and a TLA for technological support with Beijing Ensignwin Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.※1, a subordinate company of Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd. which is an environmental and engineering company based in Beijing, China, and Chongqing Endurance Shanhua Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.※2 based in Chongqing, China, respectively.

In China, environmental awareness has been rising along with the advancement of the 13th Five-Year Plans (2016-2020) which aims for both environmental protection and development. As sludge treatment facilities spread, the amount of sludge has also increased. The demand for incineration after drying sludge has been growing, especially in large coastal cities which do not have margin for landfill.

MHIEC has uniquely developed technology for energy saving (low fuel consumption) and a low blockage drying disk structure which is compatible with high viscosity sewage sludge and many kinds of industrial wastewater sludge of China and other counties, creating the “MITSUBISHI Smart Dryer (“MSD”) series”. This is a licensing agreement which gives the right to design, manufacture, procure parts, install, operate, sell and offer services for high viscosity sludge compatible sludge dryers such as the very first dryer in 2017, the MSD-200, which is a large-scale machine that treats approximately 90 tons of sludge a day, and the even larger MSD-240 which is still in operation.

MHIEC will not only strive to contribute to economic advancement and environmental protection of China by creating an intimate cooperative relationship with the local partners of the Chinese market; popularizing a safe operating, low fuel consumption and high efficiency sludge dryer; and digging further into the market, but will also actively engage in achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and work towards a global resolution for environmental issues.

【Summary of Licensees】

※1 Beijing Ensignwin Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.(HQ: Beijing, China)
The parent company, Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd., holds its headquarters in Beijing, and is an environmental plant company of the group of Tsinghua Tongfang Co.,Ltd. which handles machinery, electronics and communication. They have received high ratings in the environmental industry and engineering field, and have been cooperating with MHIEC from 2009, starting the sludge incineration facility project in Chengdu. They also have cooperative experience for the waste incineration facility project in Beijing.

※2 Chongqing Endurance Shanhua Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.(HQ: Chongqing, China)
An environmental facility manufacturer of the group of Chongqing Endurance Technology Developing Co.,Ltd. which holds branches throughout China. They manufacture, sell and manage flowmeters, natural gas facilities and environmental facilities (food waste, wastewater treatment, industrial sludge treatment, etc.) and their technology is well received in China.

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