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Advanced Flue Gas Treatment

Emission control is one of the most important factors of Waste to Energy (WtE) plant. We have been working on this issue for a long time and have successfully developed a number of technologies in each element of the plant including incineration, flue, gas treatment, and ash treatment.

Base on MHIEC's (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.,) accumulated technologies and know-how developed through long experiences, we can propose the advanced & environmental friendly flue gas treatment system.

Recycle of Usable Metals

EURO 2000 Regulations Mitsubishi WtE Plant A
(288 t/day x 3 units)
Dioxins (ng-TEQ/Nm³) 0.1 0.00011
Dust (mg/Nm³) 10 3
HCl (mg/Nm³) 10 2
SOx (mg/Nm³) 50 4
NOx (mg/Nm³) 200 110
WtE plant located in urban area (Tokyo, Japan)

filtering reactor

Dry system with filtering reactor

  • High and stable performance for removal of HCl, SOx and Dust.
  • No waste water treatment is required.

Semi-dry system with filtering reactor

  • High and stable performance for removal of SOx and Dust, equivalent to Dry system with filtering reactor.
  • Higher performance for removal of HCl, because slurry lime doing by Mitsubishi Rotary Atomizer.
  • No waste water treatment is required.

selective catalytic reactor

Dry selective catalytic reactor NOx removal system (SCR)

  • Additional facility which can be installed after filtering reactor and achieve higher De-NOx performance.
  • Less than 20 ppm of outlet NOx emission can be achieved.
  • Low ammonia consumption, because of highly efficient catalytic reaction.

Hybrid Bag Filter

  • In addition to the conventional functions of the filtering reactor (i.e. removal of HCl/ SOx/ Dust), Mitsubishi Hybrid Bag Filter can achieve high De-NOx performance.
  • Mitsubishi Hybrid Bag Filter provides a total solution for emission control.
  • Maintenance is easy because of its simple structure.