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Reciprocating Stoker & Furnace

Reciprocating stoker

  • Reciprocating stoker can mix the refuse well and achieve more effective and complete combustion, even under high moisture and low calorific value refuse.
  • Stoker is subdivided into several zones which are individually supplied with preheated combustion air. The air flow to each zone is controlled to suit combustion conditions.
  • Molten lead, aluminum and plastics are not dropped down from stoker because of high pressure preheated combustion air blown up through the grate.


  1. Hopper
  2. Feeder
  3. Reciprocating stoker
  4. Wind box
  5. Ash chute

Hopper & Feeder

Angle of the hopper and chute is designed with full consideration for preventing refuse arching.

Ash discharger

The negative pressure inside the furnace can be maintained because of the perfect sealing of the ash discharger. The water content of the residue can be reduced into 15 to 25 percent because of dehydration effect of the ash discharger.

Automatic combustion control

Automatic combustion control system can maintain the combustion temperature more than 850 degree C, and keep evaporation steam rate of the boiler stable automatically, by controlling the operation of feeder & reciprocating stoker. Its efficient and automatic control can achieve easy & stable operation and less consumption of utilities.

Remote control

All of the chute damper, feeder, reciprocating stoker, and ash discharger are driven by hydraulic units. Therefore, overall system can be operated easily.

Furnace structure

The unique shape of furnace outlet achieves full utilization of radiant heat and high combustion efficiency. Water cooling membrane structure can achieve long life time of refractory.

MS Tile

Mitsubishi Standard Refractor Tile (MS Tile) has high heat conductivity and long life time.